Testing FAKE EBAY Makeup!!

Testing FAKE EBAY Makeup!!

Testing FAKE EBAY Makeup!!

Hey Dolls!
I wanted to do this video to show you guys what eBay makeup is really like!!



Thank you guys for all your support – it means so so much to me!!

Love you guys SOOOO MUCH!!!


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Three simple ways to test silver. Weight, Specific Gravity, and using a neodymium magnet. If you can get your test material to pass all three, its pretty safe to say you have silver. Enjoy!

SG of silver = 10.49, Copper = 8.9, lead =11.24, nickel = 8.02, Gold = 19.32
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40 thoughts on “Testing FAKE EBAY Makeup!!”

  1. I love your videos, I'm forever watching them on my free time. LOOL, right now I'm supposed to be studying for an Exam but I'm all caught up with your videos. Btw, I really love your watch, where did you get it from?

  2. alot of my makeup is knock offs from eBay because I don't have the money and I make the best makeup looks with it. She is one of those people who like to trash people who buy cheaper stuff because she can afford all of the expensive stuff.

  3. Ur so annoying u dont have half of those products and ur just saying they' re awful like some of those products were realy similar but ur just saying they aren't cause ur acting like a rich bich wich u clearly aren't. Just saying👌🏻

  4. Trust me, when you didnt have any makeup and you didnt have enough money you will buy the fake one hahaha lol

  5. I find the magnet test to be not very useful, as the magnet behaves nearly identically on my silver rounds as it does my copper ones.

  6. What are my chances of getting a FAKE silver 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf with all the "new" security features I just read about ?  They have radiating "beam" lines and a little laser etched symbol that can be checked by scanning the code.  I only see the year, for example "16" within the tiny maple leaf on the reverse of the 2016 coin.  I don't know how I could read it or how someone else could read it to see if it's registered with the Canadian Mint ???

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  8. Have you done the Ice Cube Test when in the kitchen ?  Just need two Ice Cubes and a frying Pan…  Thank you for the video !  tjl

  9. The density test doesn't prove anything. Metals of different density can be easily mixed to produce a coin with density (specific gravity) equal to silver. The magnet test is not specific to silver, either. You are NOT TESTING DIAMAGNETISM! The effect on the magnets is caused by eddy currents, not diamagnetism. The eddy currents occur whenever there is a magnetic field moving with respect to a conductor. So you are actually testing conductivity, not diamagnetism. Silver is very conductive, so this is still helpful, but not conclusive.

  10. now days it matters less the a holes in china have figured out ways to fool everything some people even think they have figured out how to man make silver. I kinda believe it as I have seen some freaky stuff when tested. also in recent studies people have woundered how china has hit the market with so much silver that they can account for wear its from.

  11. in my opinion this is the only test you should trust , acid only tells you how well the plating is , the ping test is not good at all and it dings up the metal witch is a great excuse for places to reduce the price they will pay you , even though there is no numismatic value the still have terms like cull and sub cull and they sell these at a lower premium meaning they buy them at lower prices

  12. Hi do you know if a 925 silver bar(sterling silver) will has the neodymium magnet test? Will it behave like 0.999 silver?

  13. Let me first say Thank you for the video, it was wery good. Then i have a question :
    Molybden looks like silver and hav a specific gravety og 10,2, wery close to silver, Is it that the Chinees do to make fake silver coins? and if its coated with silver, will it get the same magetic properties?

  14. I recently read a paper that sed a study was pulled buy the us government and they found that using thear testing metheds they believe 99% of people who have 1000s of lbs of includeing dealers and graders have a average of at least 12 % fake silver and or coins bars

  15. I've got a problem I would like run by you (and any others).   First, the facts:  The specific gravity of gold = 19.32, Silver 10.5 and Copper 8.89 .   A US gold coin (90% gold, 10% copper) should have a specific Gravity of 18.259 (90%)(19.32) + (10%)(8.89).   A US Bullion coin (like the American Eagle) should have a specific gravity of 18.476 (91.333%)(19.32) + (3%)(10.5) + (5.333%)(8.89).   I have run series of tests that I can not explain.  The first was with a 99.99% pure Canadian Maple Leaf… this test resulted in a near perfect number of 19.35 .  I then tested a standard US gold coin (90% pure) and got a number 16.68 .  I then tested a standard US gold bullion coin and got a number of 17.0 .   I'm confident that my coins are legit (purchased a decade ago).  They weigh out correctly and size correctly.   Can anyone explain why I'm getting bad numbers ?   I've repeated the tests and got the same numbers… it's not my scale as both the Maple Leaf gave a correct result, and my test weight was good too.   Any help ??????

  16. Thanks for the video. I googled, so can I test Sterling silver the same way? the SG of sterling silver is 10.2 to 10.3, is it correct?

  17. I have two different cheapo scales that I picked up from ebay that came straight from china. I don't think I paid more than 10 bucks for either. When looking, make sure you get at least a 200g with .01 accuracy! Cheers!

  18. What brand is your scale? Pretty affordable? I believe I have a similar one, if not the same brand, but it only has a capacity of 50 grams.

  19. Great infos bro !
    Maybe someone (i thing of doing this maybe) should make a video,with ALL testing methods.A clear video with complete test.From visual,to SG etc etc.All combined.
    This would be great in my opinion.

  20. I don't know about optical signs besides wear, but just look for silver plated dinnerwear vs sterling. That's a good way to learn.

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