Is Your Ex Testing You? What You Can Do About It! — Is Your Ex Testing You? What You Can Do About It!

Is your ex testing you? Is he or she trying to mess with your head? In this video, I’m going to answer these questions.

How’s it going everyone? For those of you who haven’t seen my videos… I’m Brad Browning and I’ve been an all-star relationship coach for over 10 years now. My YouTube channel just surpassed the “11 million views” mark, and I’m rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers. And I have all of you awesome fans to thank for that! Remember, I do my best to reply to most of my YouTube comments, so if you have a question, feel free to hit me up in the comments section below!

Now, before I jump into the goods, I need to make one thing clear: overanalyzing your ex’s behavior is a huge mistake. I’ve dealt with thousands of coaching clients over the past few years and many of these clients tend to overreact every time their ex posts a new picture on Instagram­ or Facebook. This overanalyzing behavior is toxic and it should be avoided at all cost. If you’ve been watching my other videos on YouTube, then you know that one of the fundamental tenets of my Ex Factor Guide program is the need to shift the power away from your ex. If you want to make your ex fall back in love with you again, you need to create an environment where your ex is chasing YOU, and not the other way around. By obsessively “cyber stalking” your ex and overanalyzing everything he or she does, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re indirectly hurting your chances of getting your ex back.

That’s not to say that your ex won’t mess with you, or try and “test the waters”, so to speak. If your ex is continuously contacting you, asking you questions, or deliberately introducing drama back into your life, they may be trying to see if you are TRULY over him or her. For instance, if your ex constantly initiates contact with you to stir shit up, then it’s safe to say they may not be over you. They may be trying to provoke a response from you in order to determine how you currently feel about the breakup. But here’s the most important thing to remember: regardless of whether you want to get your ex back or not, the reaction to this behavior should always be the same – and that is to act indifferently. By showing that you don’t care about him or her and the situation, you effectively begin to shift the power from your ex to you. I don’t want to go into minute psychological detail as to why this works, but just know that it does.

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20 thoughts on “Is Your Ex Testing You? What You Can Do About It!”

  1. brad u r super hero for me..
    i think everything is going to be Normal soon in fact my boyfrnd started texting me… thnx a lot sir
    ur videos r so hlpful keep doing this grt work…. nd now plz upload a video on how to make my relationship more stronger nd make him committed to me..😊

  2. Hi Brad! I have a question…. My ex and I broke up June 22. I won't lie I reached out to him first but immediately regret it. After that I didn't contact him again. He came to my house yesterday and left a bottle of wine with a love letter. When I arrived home my daughter informed me. I haven't contacted about it because I felt like it was a game. Am I right????? I do care for him but the games he has been playing makes me look at him differently. I don't know what to feel for him anymore. #UnknownHeart

  3. my husband goes through this thing I call the 2 year breakup. every 2 years between may and July he wants out of the marriage. what the heck is his problem?

  4. Hey Brad, I use to work with this girl and we've work together for 3 years and she told me how she felt a few months before the company had shut down. Shes a few years older than me and I was hesitant at the time to work things out with her. I told her we could be friends but six months after, today I recently got a new job with her and i told her how i felt and how I want to come back and make things right, we talked here and there during the six months of not seeing each other, of course the reason why Im here is cause i was rejected and she has been talking to a guy in the same company for a couple months now.
    I would see her often at work but nothing more than a simple hi or sometimes no acknowledgement which hurts me. We use to have a strong bond and I tried to come around just to have a friendly vibe and at the same time working on my self. Brad, She knows I like her but she rejected me. How can I get someone who once liked me so much back in my life? is it to late?

  5. i broke up with my gf because she always disrespecting me and treat me badly…. but i want her chasing me. how could it possible? i want her back also

  6. My ex cheated I found text messages flirting with a new girl after over a year of being together on the phone he called her his girlfriend he said he was working to her while he was with me. When i approached him on his phone he denied it and accused me of cheating on him and has been so awful to me! Ive had to block him on fb and my phone as he keeps texting lots of nasty messages. Why do that if he has another girlfriend why is he shifting the blame. Im so hurt Brad I dont know how to figure out why he denied it or why he stayed with me now he has her! I was so good to him and I loved him so much why did he need to cheat? What should I do?? Please

  7. Brad your advice is everything but I'm still lost when it comes to a guy I can't really consider a ex. We've been seeing each other on and off for 6 years now and he use to tell me he wanted to be with me, I never took advantage of the situation because I was so scared to fall for him and get hurt. Now he's moved on and is treating me very cold, he's never been this harsh to me. Idk what to do

  8. My ex split up with me 2 weeks ago and she's barely letting me see my kids who are 11 & 7 and it's really hurting me

  9. brad I think I ruined my chances I stalked him i over analysed his behaviour when ever he post a pic with his new gf did I?

  10. brad…me and my bf were having a 4years of relationship…suddenly last month there was a fight between us and he decided to has been 35days since our ex didnt called me fr once…but if i sends him text in watsapp he replied to me…but not as before…so wat should i do now?from when shall i start no contact period?i dont know wheathr he is dating sum1 or not.

  11. Hey brad I would appreciate your advice. I finished the 30 day no contact and began texting my ex girlfriend. We tried to make plans this weekend but she said she got busy and she said we needed to cancel or do another weekend. I told her to no worries and to let me know if she was free next weekend. I am considering sending her your 3 texts reccomended in your other videos over the course of the next 2 weeks. Thanks

  12. Tbh what if we show them that we don't care and the reverse happens that they even stop talking to you because they think we don't care anymore and instead of getting them back we just lose them..what if this happens?:(

  13. hey brad my ex is texting me and i am on no contact period and i respond her like the why you taught and i don't contact her she is contacting me but the problem is that what if she get use to of not talking to me i mean i don't show her my feelings and she thinks I'm dating someone else and she is not looking angry or mad at me and when ever i talk to her she seems doing great without me and can you please tell me if she text me can i text her back cause if i open her chat she will get to know that i saw her text but i didn't respond it can make her feel that she is wasting her time so what should I do

  14. My ex keeps constantly asking me if i've met someone new! Its irritating. He's been texting constantly in the no contact period.

  15. I'm very good with my ex. I did a 30 day no contact phase and after that I even kissed my ex again. but now my ex is always try to contact me and then we have a short talk on snapchat and when I send her something she ignores me. then she sends me nothing for a couple of days and the same thing happens again. What does this mean. Does she want contact with me or not?

  16. Brad, my ex left me for someone else that she had an affair going on for 9 months. We didn't speak for over 3 months, and now she has began talking to me again. Nothing about us, just general conversation. Part of me wants to forgive her, and see if i can get her back as crazy as that sounds, but part of me feels like speaking with her is telling her that its ok what she did. I can't deny how much i still love her and don't know what i should do here.

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