6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test

The traditional driving test is an archaic system that’s desperately in need of an update. So with that in mind, here are six driving test techniques that you should forget as soon as you get your license!
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20 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test”

  1. I was taught to apply the handbrake at red lights or long times of stopping. supposedly it's to do with if someone rear ends you causing you injury and you can't apply the footer brake.

  2. i have a bmw and the reasoni think people think that bmw drivers dont use the indicators is because the steering wheel must be almost center for the blinker to snap back and stop blinking. most cases, we have to manually turn off the blinker. Well thats only to e46s. dunno about newer ones

  3. they dont teach feeding the wheel, or pulling the handbrake at every stop in canada.
    you fail if you dont accelerate to match the speed of the highway after coming off on ramps. driving school rules in the u.k are designed by nitwits

  4. they've recently introduced motorway driving into the learning process but it still means it will very rarely come up in a test.
    they have also only recently introduced bay parking into the test which i think is quite frankly dangerous not to learn in as the majority of people will most regularly bay park and the number of drivers who seem to be capable of it is slightly worrying. they are also going to introduce driving with a satnav into the test which is just stupid!

  5. im 13 and my dad lets drive with hes car and i dont know almost nothing about cars and driving and stuff. i dont even feed the wheel 😀 im 10/10

  6. i got told about that feeding the wheel thing. i tried it and was like "this is shit you cant turn quickly" and never bothered. also was never told about the handbrake thing but that sounds incredibly stupid. past my tests with flying colours. but Im in New Zealand

  7. When it is dark and you need to say thank you, instead of blinding people, turn the lights OFF Then back ON. is that so much harder then to full beam

  8. in the US we don't have feeding. it's hand over hand. and can using the parking brake wtf that's insane and unnecessary

  9. on your driving test you do NOT have to feed the wheel, they concentrate on the controll you have when you steer whether that is cross or pull push.

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