What Supernatural Creature Are You?

Take this test to find out which supernature creature you really are. The unfathomable realms of darkness are not only rule by just vampire and werewolf but a variety of creatures, the mere mention of which can make your blood run cold. Find out which of these creatures you are most like.


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Which Supernatural creature are you? What mystical creature are you? Which mythological beast are you? What is your magic power? What is your super power?

Music: The Chase by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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20 thoughts on “What Supernatural Creature Are You?”

  1. Does shape shifter mean you can change into anything or anyone coz if so I'm fine with being a shape shifter I wanted to be a vampie

  2. I'm a shape shifter! also I would love if you uploaded a video of 'what mythical creature you would have as a pet' please!

  3. i am a shape shifter, so i guess that is close enough to mermaids. like of you agree. πŸ’–πŸ’–

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