We Test Out Pink Clay Masks

We Test Out Pink Clay Masks

“What is this witchcraft!?”

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Learn how to do self muscle testing.

In this video, I share seven ways you can muscle test yourself. This video is a companion to episode 96 of the Business Mindset Podcast, where I discuss how to use muscle testing in your business.

You can access the episode here: R2B 96, How to Use Muscle Testing in Your Business http://hollyworton.com/96. As a companion to this episode, I’ve also prepared a free download for you: a pdf transcript of the entire episode, so you can refer back to it when you’re practicing self muscle testing. You can get that at the link above.

I also talk a lot about the different types of self muscle testing and how you can use this in your business in my first book, BUSINESS BELIEFS: getbook.at/BBB

***If you have any trouble with any of these techniques, please see the troubleshooting videos, and if they don’t help, please contact me via my website (http://hollyworton.com/contact) and I’ll try to help. If you’re struggling to make it work, you’re not alone. Some people need time to find the right technique that works for them. I didn’t get it right on the first try, either. I’ll help if I can. ***

Also: I know my arm moves when I’m doing the pendulum. It was really hard to demonstrate that properly while making the video standing up! I use the pendulum A LOT and I find it to be really accurate…however, I always rest my arm against my body while doing it, or I rest my elbow on a table. That helps to stabilize my arm. Also, I always do it sitting down, which makes a big difference.

There are a few comments regarding the use of muscle testing for health and wellness. That’s not how I use this technique, and I don’t mention muscle testing for health and wellness in this video. I use this primarily for business and for tapping into the guidance of my higher self or intuition.

…And yes, there are bloopers at the end. This was on purpose! When I have them, I like to add them at the end of a video.They make me laugh, and I figure most people need to laugh more!

Finally, I’m not interested in debating the validity of this technique with anyone. It works for me, and I’ve found it to be very useful in my life, which is why I created this video: to help others. If you find these techniques to be useful, great. If you think it’s all BS, great. You do you. Do what works for you. 🙂


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40 thoughts on “We Test Out Pink Clay Masks”

  1. it just takes the oil off ya face, and washing your face shrinks your pores… Light soap and water would have the same results.

  2. I was so excited to try these – but NONE of them worked. My self tests were the same whether I was telling the truth or lying.??

  3. I love testing with kinesiology! I also give workshops in self-testing tools.
    Important is to be healthy, fully awake, calm and centered. Drink water before you do the testing. Be neutral regarding the outcome and stay focussed only on 1 question!

    When I teach the "Swaying" (Swinging) test, I let the students do the test with closed eyes.
    Most of the students test swinging to the front as a "Yes" and to the back as a "No". If it swings from side to side or stays in the middle or swinging in circles, it is a sign to me that the question creates a stress in the body, since it cannot answer with yes or no.
    To clear this situation and get to an answer ask the following questions:

    1. Is this the right time to do muscle testing?
    2. Shall I refraim the question? (Sometimes it is a word like today, soon, more, often, etc. that creates stress. Check if such an adjective is the blockage.)
    3. Shall I ask a more general question?
    4. Shall I go into details? (Ask questions like: Is there a reason for …., etc.)
    5. May I know the answer?
    6. Is there an answer to this question? (Certain topics or facts may not be known. Life is developing and so certain answers can not be answered at this time.)
    7. Has a decision been made yet?
    8. If you ask for other people – Do I have the right to ask this question for xy? May he/she know the answer? May I know the answer?

    Ask for the whys and hows. Try the test with food. Question: Is this product free of toxins? Does it support my health? How good is it digestible? Good, fairly or bad?

  4. Thank you, Holly. I've been a "fan" of Dr. Hawkins for years. Your demonstration of these techniques was great. You have a wonderful voice.

  5. Thank you for speaking on the pendulum. Its how I have done it, but was told it wouldn't work! Even though it always seemed to work fine for me!

  6. I was a practitioner of muscle reactivity testing modalities for 16 years. Oftentimes it seemed amazing but in the long haul, I ended up much worse off. The science behind it does not exit. It's worse than flipping a coin to get important health care information. Some how there is a spiritual component to the testing procedure, a way of communicating with spirits, and they are not good ones. These spirits may provide some short term amazing results, but in the long run you can be horribly damaged. It's like using a ouija board to try to improve your health. The science proving that Applied Kinesiology is not to be trusted can be found at :
    Continue doing muscle reactivity testing modalities if you are spiritually strong enough to deal with the health risks and the demonic oppression that comes with it.

  7. my daughter has been having issues with compulsive eating and self loathing, she's only 6! I cannot test her. I've tried so many different tests and she just doesn't test on any of them. I have no one that would not think this is Cuckoo. Please help

    btw we've taken her to several doctors and NDs… no one can find anything wrong.

  8. My research back to the founder of A.K., Dr. George Goodheart and his fellow researcher, Dr. Hawkings, teach that two people are necessary, a tester and a testee. Now, we have test-yourself claimants appearing, no disrespect intended. For now, I do not trust this modification of the application rules of testing.

  9. This "muscle testing" is one of the most ridiculous offerings from alternative health practitioners. It's obvious flaw is that the individuals own belief system over rides any supposed "weakness" in the muscle. And there is no way to advise or measure the exact amount of resistance needed or used for any one test. For instance in self testing do you hold the fingers together lightly, in which case they come apart even if you say my name is John (if that is in fact your name) or do you hold them together firmly, in which case they will not break even if you state you're a frog. There is also the huge factor involved that the person being tested will increase or decrease the muscle strength depending on what outcome they think the practitioner desires.

  10. Fab video thanks. I'll try the sticky fingers as I often want to do some kind of muscle testing when I'm out and about (and love your bloopers) 🙂 x

  11. I tried the rubbing fingers together and said my name and a mans name. it was the same. Don't forget to make sure , when you test that you had enough water first, that the body is put in 0 ,before testing.

  12. Hi Holly, I couldn't get that link you mentioned to work? The "96" one… can you re-post the correct link please??

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