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A few nice all your testing images I found:

Imagine the Future
all your testing
Image by Viewminder
Imagine ‘becoming’ a digital camera.

Imagine that whatever you looked at… whatever you thought about… whatever you dreamed… whatever you felt…

that an image could be created from that.

A real image.

Stored and transmitted.

Imagine that your eyes are the lenses to that camera.

That your brain is the processor.

And imagine that system working in reverse as well.

Like television…

only ‘feelavision.’

Imagine a reality that’s not too far away.

We are on the edge of knowing so much.

A great paradigm shift is close.

Stars And Sausages
all your testing
Image by Frederic Mancosu

Over 5000 of you have been visiting my stream now! I much appreciate you popping by and hope you keep enjoying it!

Thanks everybody!

It all began on quite exactly 9:30 PM, when a ship reached a dock with about 10 minutes of delay. I boarded said ship, which brought me all the way into the city. The air was calm and warm, a peaceful evening if it wasn’t for that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I ought to have brought an umbrella. I had hesitated to take it and dismissed the idea as idiotic on a day like this one. Granted, it had been a tad gray, but it had not rained a drop since breakfast. And yet, something bugged me, my intuition told me it had been a mistake. It was undoubtedly right, as intuitions tend to be. Its point then, was illustrated rather well by the shattering bouquet of lightning cutting across the sky just as the boat docked in Zurich, about half an hour later.

Floods were pouring from the sky and dashing across the pavement. I had but one choice, and sought the closest bit of cover. As so often in situations of great mishap, this one lead to something that much better. The closest bit of cover turned out to be the Sternengrill. Now let me explain: Traditional places tend to be quite old, for becoming traditional takes time. Therefore, they are mostly built in ways proper to defeat the test of time. When they outlast the buildings they’re in however, you’d guess they’d offer something rather special for people to be nursing them past the trials of the decades. This is exactly what happened to the Sternen-Grill, the place serving the best-known Bratwurst in town. Even Tina Turner has had one. It has been on Bellvue Platz for almost 50 years and is now being demolished. Or is it? Having lost the location, the owners moved it into an RV parked on the square and this made it… well… almost better, not to say legen – wait for it… – dary!

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