Michael Jackson Lives in our Memory

A few nice all your testing images I found:

Michael Jackson Lives in our Memory
all your testing
Image by DrPhotoMoto
The spring thistle is now a memory. Like beautiful butterflies drawn to thistle, we were drawn to Michael Jackson who touched all our lives with his tremendous talent and enthusiasm.

Gone is the thistle, freshly fallen.
Gone it’s spiny stems and purple petals.
Far flung the seeds of nettle
By finch and autumn breezes.

Come again thistle; come springtime!
Come with gifts of nectar and pollen!
Until then sleep the seed
So freshly fallen.

Bye Micheal Jackson … Thank you for all you gave us!

Yes! It’s My Birthday! And It’s My Footprint 😀
all your testing
Image by Hamed Saber
This was a test for finding some behaviors of the magic donkey (interestingness algorithm), which executed as a black-box test, with tuning inputs and evaluationg outputs.
You can check the experience results here.

The following is original description of this photo, before publishing the results:
سلام رفيق
ميخواستم اگر پررويي نباشه، خودم هديه تولدم رو بگم چي باشه
اگه عيبي نداره، اين عكس رو به فوورايتهات اضافه كن
(به خاطر محدوديت تعداد تگ، اين قسمت حذف شد، تگهاي دوستاني كه لطف كرده بودند و اسمشون رو اضافه كرده بودند هم به خاطر حفظ عدالت حذف شد)

(اگر مثل من توي فو كردن خسيسي، كافيه اين رو اد كني و 10 روز ديگه برش داري)

ميخوام ببينم اگه همه دوستام يه عكي رو فو كنن، چه رتبهاي پيدا ميكنه

All my dear friends,
I want to ask you for a birthday gift!

I would be appreciated if you please add this photo to your favorites.
(Because of tags limitation, I removed this part of my request. I also removed all your kindly added tags just because of respecting those who couldn’t add a tag!)

(For those who are scrimpy in fave-ing (like me), you can add it to your list, and remove it after 10 days)

I just want to check if all flickr members who like my photos fave this, what rank it should gain in Explore 😉

So please do not add this photo as a favorite if you don’t know me or I’m not a contact of you. I mean if you want to fave this just because of itself, please do not do that. I want to count my friends 😉

Of course you will be appreciated as a new friend, if you fave this..

I won’t post this photo to any set or group for ten days!
I started a discussion thread in FlickrCentral about this shot and my test:
A hack, or a test? "Interestingness"!
And another better discussion on hep forum:
Strange action of "interestingness" algorithm
Last hours of day 2:
– Seems visits and faves are almost finished.
– Now I want to add it to "iranian" group and a set just for evaluating the result.
First hours of day 3:
– Interestingness rank of this shot in my own photostream increased from 56 to 38 after adding to Iranian group!
– I’ll try 1-2-3 style groups now
Day 3, 5 o’clock:
– It is #28 now
– I’m going to remove from all 123 style groups
End of day 3:
– #21
Day 8:
– Not yet in Explore
– #17 in my stream
Test is over!

Stranger #1
all your testing
Image by d26b73
I was in a shoping center, meeting the guy who sold me the fujinon 56f1.2 and testing it, when two young men came and asked me to take a photo. This was the signal for me to try the strangers project, which i was already thinking about a while ago. So in fact its the second one 😉

I met Rudaba on a rainy day in Vienna while she was standing under a shelter and smoking a cigarette. It was my first active approach and i was suprised that she immediatly agreed after i shortly explained her what i am doing.

I kindly ask all experienced portrait photographers to provide me some feedback, what i should/could take care and what i have done wrong.

Thanks in advance for your visit, feedback, constructive criticism,…

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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