Catching The Moment

A few nice tests for you images I found:

Catching The Moment
tests for you
Image by Thomas Paal Photography
Just a little test with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art. Wouldn’t recommend shooting a dog in action at 1.4, but I was surprised how accurate the autofocus was!

I appreciate your feedback!

Freu mich ├╝ber eure Kommentare und konstruktive Kritik!

Homemade sliding gate
tests for you
Image by CAJC: in the Rockies
Testing the quality of photos on my new (gasp! gadget geek alert!) smartphone.

This person seems to have overthought how to build a gate…I didn’t check to see if that was a screen door used as a a guide since I didn’t notice this until I processed the photo! I really like the tree trunks as fence idea. HFF!

Geo location, as usual, is somewhat off. This is not on campus but actually a couple of blocks away, in Scott Carpenter Park.

As always, a special thanks to all of you who drop by to look, comment and fave!

A test for your love
tests for you
Image by Pulpolux !!!

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