Testing The Incredible Ferrari 599 GTO – Fifth Gear

Jason takes the Ferrari 599 GTO for a spin, only the third Ferrari to earn the GTO label.

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13 thoughts on “Testing The Incredible Ferrari 599 GTO – Fifth Gear”

  1. Does it look like a Porsche a little bit? If so, why you think it is so, is it the physics or is it the marketing..? Just curious… 🙂

  2. The Ferrari 599 GTO is my favourite Ferrari that has been ever made!! I think this model makes the other Ferraris look less engaging !! More people prefer power and speed so they finish to buy the ultimates models like the F12 tdf to mention one of those, but I think the 599 GTO will be remaining in automotive history for his perfect body shape,the staggering sound,and those three letter "GTO" !!

  3. On a track day there was a fellow with his brand new 599 GTO. Her engine note was so intoxicating I hated to pass her. And I don't care for Ferrari's or V12's. But damn she sounded great.

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