?? Do You Have a Herniated Disk: 3 Quick Tests You Can Try.

Are you wondering if you have a herniated disk? Famous Physical therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck show you three quick tests you can try. Other names for a herniated disk: slipped disk,
prolapsed disk, disk protrusion, collapsed disk, extruded disk, ruptured disk, sequestered disk, disk protrusion.

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20 thoughts on “?? Do You Have a Herniated Disk: 3 Quick Tests You Can Try.”

  1. I can pass the tests walking on my heels and on my toes. I have herniated discs at L4-L5, L5-S1, and I've had two previous surgeries at L5-S1. Unfortunately not everyone has the common symptoms.

  2. For the love of God, someone please tell Brad to buy a couple of pairs of proper goodyear welted leather shoes with a leather sole and throw out the thick rubber soled ones. That's painful and awful to watch and destroys his otherwise impeccable attire.

  3. guys, your sound is bad comparing quality with other videos and is lost sometimes..si sad can't really understand do well…love your info though thanks so much..

  4. I don't have a problem walking on my toes or heels and no numbness or tingling but I do have sharp pain when raising my legs and bending the feet back while sitting or lying down, the pain is in my lower back. some slight aching in the right thigh. I also can't seem the straighten up when walking, the pain is horrible. 2 days ago bent over and felt pain & since then my back has been painful. hurts to cough, or sneeze, etc. I was diagnosed years ago with degenerative disc disease at L1 and L2 so not sure if I herniated a disc or what.

  5. I have pain in my left lower back and down the leg, and sometimes it pings the right leg and my right big toe is constantly numb. I've gotten stimulation, adjusting, deep tissue massage and traction and none work. My pain is not 24/7 though, it's only sometimes or if I walk a lot at work. What would be my next steps?

  6. I get severe back pain, and shooting pains up and down my legs. I can walk on my heels. But not on my toes. 🙁 I can't lay on my back either, that gets too painful. Can you help?

  7. I have horrible lower back pain every morning along with my legs being weak (like you feel when you have the flu) stepping over a shoe on the ground is a scary thing some mornings it can last any where from around 2-6 hrs on a normal day but it can take a week or two to get straitened out it loosens up wish there was something I could do. I failed the slump test with both legs.one travels up to my shoulder blade the other to my middle to lower back. Also if i stoop over to do something like working on a car im limited to 3 min and then have to take 10-15 min break. it has 100% changed my life and It affects me everyday in almost everything I do. I have to plan every detail out thoroughly so I dont Piss it off otherwise it has put me down for a week before. used to be very active and still an just not like i used to be. Really takes the wind out of your sail some days!

  8. I have pain in my lower back and kind of the mid back. I've recently been to work and the pain has increased. There seems to be a dip in my lower back and the front of my right leg I could not move it properly. Like raising it up off the ground and the muscles in front would hurt, like a shooting pain. The pain would shoot up close to my groin. I have pain while sitting and getting up from sitting our getting out of bed. I've had tingling in my legs and arms but they come and go. Also I had to remove myself from work because I am lifting heavy material the pain in my back is so bad that it feels like my lower back is breaking. My hip also started to sag to the right. I finally got an Xray for my thoracic and lumbar are done. They said everything seems fine. No broken bones, etc. I am really worried. I have an MRI to do and I hope they find the problem. I just don't want to end up as one of those un solved cases and then find out what's really wrong in the end. From what I have researched it seems like I have a herniated disk. But after looking at this video I am not sure if I do. Can you please help? This pain has all started from a car crash. The car ran into my side I was on.

  9. I have pain in the middle upper back right below my neck, started in my right shoulder blade but now it moved there. If I move my arms back a little bit there's a lot of clicking sounds. I know it's not a herniated disc because I don't have any leg pain.

  10. i did test #3, sitting test, my pain is in my right butt, nothing on my lower back, knees or legs, only in my right glute, did some foam rolling and feeling better, but before it was the lower right back side, what it is?

  11. how about mri shows herniated disc with inpinchment. The mri was done when I was in pain. but now I have no pain anywhere. Only slight nubness in left side of my leg and total nubness on small toe and the muscle attached to it. I cannot walk on my tip toes at all and my walk is restricted I can't walk with a full extended legs and still no pain just can't extent my legs. feels like my calf starts to have a leg cramp from trying. What do you think.

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