Cool All Your Testing images

Some cool all your testing images:

J-2X Rocket Engine Last Test of 2011 (NASA, J-2X, 12/14/11)
all your testing
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
On Dec. 14, NASA engineers conducted their final J-2X engine test for 2011 — the 10th in a series — at the A-2 test stand at the Stennis Space Center. The upper stage engine is a key component of the Space Launch System, a new heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of missions beyond low-Earth orbit.

Read the NASA press release:

Image credit: NASA/SSC

More about the J-2X Engine Development:

There’s a Flickr photoset about the J-2X egnine development, if you’d like to know more:

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Mt. Spokane Pano
all your testing
Image by Philerooski
Sorry I haven’t been around to comment anyone’s stream much. I just haven’t been digging Flickr lately.

A couple days ago I turned 16. Woohoo! Now I just have to convince my parents that I need to take my driving test ASAP… For my birthday I got a new keyboard. It’s got a whole 88 keys and it’s a beast. If you turn it all the way up and play loudly on it, it blows your mind. Like it literally blows your mind and you have to take a 5 minute break just to recover from its awesomeness.

So this weekend I headed up to the cabin again. No snow, and the lake is in mid-melt. So there’s not much to do. I went to see the USA Cross Country Championships yesterday and that was very cool. A lot of Olympic runners were there and I got to see them dominate all the college kids. It was good stuff.

Grrr… Another controversial stitching job.

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