Coffee mug taste test with red marker

A few nice tests for you images I found:

Coffee mug taste test with red marker
tests for you
Image by yourbestdigs

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Waiting On The Rain; Texas Motor Speedway
tests for you
Image by John R Rogers
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This afternoon I was fortunate to have a "HOT" pass to the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway. I have to confess I have never watched a NASCAR race and know virtually nothing about the sport. None the less, It was way cool! With that credential you can pretty much go anywhere. I watched in the garage as the cars were measured & tested. It turns out the garage was a great place to be because it rained all day long. And for some reason, the drivers don’t race in the rain. Pretty understandable actually; I don’t suppose I would really want to drive 200mph on wet roads on tires as slick as dancing shoes. The only car on the track today was the pace car. Waiting patiently for the rain to pass.

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