How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests

How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests

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Taking practice tests and knowing strategy are the keys to success with multiple choice tests.

Step 1: Locate practice tests
Locate multiple choice tests to practice with. Look on publisher sites, school sites, or in bookstores.

Step 2: Read all questions
Read all the questions carefully one or two times before reviewing the answers.

Step 3: Answer the question in your head
Answer the question in your head before looking at answer choices.

Step 4: Read all answer choices
Read all the answer choices at least once before making a selection.

Often the answer with the most information, or the longest, is the correct answer choice.

Step 5: Eliminate wrong answers
Cross out the answers you are sure are not correct.

If you are sure that one answer choice is correct or incorrect, never choose “All of the above” or “None of the above.”

Step 6: Go back and review answers
Review your answers, focusing on any you were unsure of or guessed at. Only change an answer if you are certain it was wrong – the first choice is usually the right choice.

Did You Know?
Did you know? When a test is well written, most of the questions will be answered correctly by 30 to 80 percent of those taking it.
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Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck describe the signs and tests that may indicate that you have an ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament) tear.

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40 thoughts on “How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests”

  1. Is it strange how I'm in 8th grade and the examples we learned on here is what I learned in 7th? That's and adult doing 7th grade work, they make us learn too much these days😂😂

  2. Step 1: STUDY!
    Step 2: On the day of the test then don't be late!
    Step 3: Pass the test because your the only one that studied!

    Did you know: The sky is blue?

  3. "The first choice is usually the right choice." Actually, it is not. Howcast got it totally wrong on this one. It has actually been shown that when you are unsure of an answer, 57% of the time, the second guess will become the right answer. In other words, you are more likely to get the answer right the second time than the first. Furthermore, of the 43% of the time that you get it wrong, more than 22% of the answers that you got wrong on your second try were wrong the first time. Only 20% of guess answers go from right to wrong. In other words, if you got your question wrong anyways while guessing, chances are, it was wrong to begin with. You learn about these things in psychology, and there is other information related to multiple choice tests that agree with the book. In other words, sticking with your unsure answer is actually a myth.

  4. Help, hey guys, I had a large steel bar hit the top of my knee like 4 months ago, bruised the bone and I couldn't extend my leg. I could walk because I just let gravity swing my leg and but it made life very hard. 4 months later I can extend my leg but its weak, I find it hard to get up from the ground and going up and down stairs is still a great struggle. I'm an industrial maintenance man and 325lbs so rolling around working on machines is hard so as it is but the leg is making life harder. question is: will it heal? I have insurance but child support puts me in the all to familiar situation to many men are in where using it is too expensive, will it heal? I am worried I pulled a tendon or something that will only heal with surgery, my muscle seem a bit more of a lump 3 inches up from the knee on the damaged lleg and right above the knee in the center seemed like a hole but it was so swollen it was hard to tell, its not swollen any more and if their is a hole or depression there it is only slight. any help would be appreciated.

  5. I had my surgery at 15 shit was hell today I'm 20 was playing ball same knee came down dnt know if it's fucked again

  6. If your in pain while watching this. These gentlemen will come off as obnoxious clowns. Next time, take your profession seriously.

  7. i wish they would show what it looks on someone with an acl tear and not show what it looks on someone without an acl tear

  8. I played football and i did the twisting thing i skied the grass to loud i could not hear the pop but it felt unstable or like hanging

  9. So I was running and my knee gave out on me and I put ice on it elevated it (about two years ago I dislocated my knee and a year later I found out I tore my meniscus) I started to walk but I couldn’t straighten it and it felt like it was gonna snap. I don’t know what’s wrong

  10. I jumped and while I landed my knee went in this happened yesterday and it hurts BUT only a couple are true to me and I have a really important game coming up next week what do I do??

  11. This test didn't show positive for both knee complete ACL tears by 2 different orthopaedic surgeons. When I went to a third sports ortho, he performed a different drawer test and it was positive.

  12. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME IM 17! And my kneee pops everytime I straight my leg out then when I bend it what does that mean???

  13. Do you gentleman have any advice for programs that can help someone afford treatment?

    I injured my knee while I was under my father's plan, but he is afraid of doctors and would not take me to get an MRI.

    I've been trying to live on the injury for 5 years now, injured it again, but it's never gotten better.

    What are my options?

  14. Doc my MRI report says —— Diffuse interstitial injury of anterior cruciate ligament with intact attachments—- Those are the exact words from the report slip—I still didnt see an aortho doc after the report , so can you please tell me what it means—-and what does diffuse mean in ortho term mean? what should I do about the injury

  15. Oh wow, this is like step by step what happened to me. I play football (soccer) and it was a simple defensive non-contact exercise on changing direction and pace. I went left but my right foot that I planted slipped a little forward and I felt like my whole leg was coming out of joint. Immediately fell down. People like 40-50m from me came to me and said they also head a "pop" sound.

    Now I have no idea how serious this is. I have just now done my MRT scans after a simple X-ray but they are fairly certain its a torn (or broken) ACL and of course I managed to break my meniscus.

    The bad part is I have no idea if I'm healing at all? I mean now it has been almost 2 weeks since my injury and I can somewhat walk with crutches (and a 80-90 degree orthosis on my leg) but I have no way of knowing if I'm healing or if I can be more "bold" so to speak with my leg.

    So in no way I can tell because the injury really doesn't have any "pain" but I still can't tell if my 10 degree ability to bend my knee with the brace is counterproductive or if me walking more on my leg is not allowing my knee to heal? Of course I know it would be best to 24h stay constantly in bed but I have to move, live and work.

    A strange injury for a long time. 🙁

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