Wicked Good Ember 2016 – Trent Willis Maintaining Your Tests at Scale

The only thing more fun than writing tests is maintaining tests! Right!? Even though it can be a drag, maintaining an effective test suite as your project grows is one key to being able to release successfully and iterate quickly. This talk will provide you with conceptual ideas and concrete examples on how to keep your test suite stable and efficient; it will help you scale your test suite from a couple dozen to several thousand or more.

Is Your Shoulder Pain an Impingement? 4 Quick Tests You Can Try.

Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 4 tests that can be used to determine if your shoulder pain is from an impingement. If it is- you will then have

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20 thoughts on “Wicked Good Ember 2016 – Trent Willis Maintaining Your Tests at Scale”

  1. How is the 1st test called? You said there`s sometimes pain in the
    collarbone (clavicle), so I guess it's tests for AC-Injuries. I had some
    pain during elbow-elevation in that test, so I'm positive. Also, I had
    minor pain on the same shoulder during test 3. I couldn't do the 4th
    test since I'm alone/single

  2. I'm liking the videos, one quick question. I'm hearing some popping in my shoulder. When my arm is straight out to my side and I lower it from above my head down to my side slowly I hear a popping noise in my shoulder a little bit lower then halfway. Does this sound like some tendon snapping most likely? Also, doing exercises like arm circles I here some popping in the shoulder. Thanks for the great content!

  3. Can I still be working out while with shoulder pain/impingement? Specifically push ups/ pull ups & been wanting to start crossfit. Great channel, great vids!!

  4. I was positive on the first three tests. By the fourth test, my hand started going numb, and my wrist popped. I have sharp pain in the dip above my bicep with any movement, so I am still trying to narrow down what exactly was injured.

  5. Whenever I drive a scooter or a bike ..the back of my left shoulder starts hurting after a while.is this impingement..?! .plz suggest something sir..!

  6. I appreciate the FREENESS of your information, as well as its value!!! But the way you degrtaded Napolean at the end was shameful!! He may not have any of his nerves left … but he still has feelings!!!!



    Thanks guys!!

  7. Im only nine and im getting shoulder pains i decided to look here but its ten o clock and my mom wants me to go to sleep so i had to turn the volume down

  8. Sadly I reacted very positively to all four tests, (pain rather than discomfort) other shoulder is absolutely fine. At least I now know what's wrong, having had scan (no tear) and x-ray (no arthritis). Turns out I'm impinged! Thanks for identifying it, and the exercises you gave on the other video.

  9. Yo, B&B–it would be nice if you could suggest preventative measure,(e.g. In overuse, repetitive form of injury; strengthening exercise regime after approximate rest time-frame(if you are not contained by legality of MD orders..), and rehab exercises!!!! Perhaps special subscription to exercise regimen, tools, schedule–based upon progress could be included in your channel. So many people do not have insurance, & may get worse…)
    Check with your resources to see what's legally viable. You're both cute as buttons!

  10. Hey guys – great video! All those tests hut like heck (1-3 were VERY painful). I'm about 6 weeks in on physical therapy for this, and i haven't really noticed any improvement. πŸ™ How do I know if PT will even fix this? Should I get a second opinion/MRI/etc.? Thanks!

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