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Patti Moreno the Garden Girl, tests the water in her pond. Have questions?

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How to Test your Pond Water
Hi, I am Patti the garden girl and today we are going to check the pH level of my pond here. It has been sitting for a few weeks and I just want to see where we are at.

I have here a fresh water test kit and it comes complete with a bunch of different tests. Right now I do not have any fish in here so what I want to do is I want to test just the Ph to see whether it is more alkaline or more acidic.

Okay, here is the key pH indicator solution, now what I have to do is I got to take this and now I am going to put three drops. Now, I got to cap it and then just shake it like this. That is already giving me a very, very blue reading, we are going to check this little color card and I am going to say that we are at 7.6.

The next thing we are going to do then since we got the highest reading is the high range indicator solution. This one I am going to put five drops. Now I am going to take my little color card here and put these together. Now, I think that is reading between a 7.4 and a 7.8 roughly.

Now what that exactly means is that my water is more alkaline than it is neutral of than it is acidic. This range right now is a great range for a lot of different types of fresh water fish.

I hope you all will go out and get your own kit and start testing your water, it is a great thing to do with children. I am sure you will be really surprise in how smart your kids actually are if you do get them to do this test with you. I am Patti Moreno the garden girl. Thanks for watching.

Is Your Ex Testing You? What You Can Do About It! — Is Your Ex Testing You? What You Can Do About It!

Is your ex testing you? Is he or she trying to mess with your head? In this video, I’m going to answer these questions.

How’s it going everyone? For those of you who haven’t seen my videos… I’m Brad Browning and I’ve been an all-star relationship coach for over 10 years now. My YouTube channel just surpassed the “11 million views” mark, and I’m rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers. And I have all of you awesome fans to thank for that! Remember, I do my best to reply to most of my YouTube comments, so if you have a question, feel free to hit me up in the comments section below!

Now, before I jump into the goods, I need to make one thing clear: overanalyzing your ex’s behavior is a huge mistake. I’ve dealt with thousands of coaching clients over the past few years and many of these clients tend to overreact every time their ex posts a new picture on Instagram­ or Facebook. This overanalyzing behavior is toxic and it should be avoided at all cost. If you’ve been watching my other videos on YouTube, then you know that one of the fundamental tenets of my Ex Factor Guide program is the need to shift the power away from your ex. If you want to make your ex fall back in love with you again, you need to create an environment where your ex is chasing YOU, and not the other way around. By obsessively “cyber stalking” your ex and overanalyzing everything he or she does, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re indirectly hurting your chances of getting your ex back.

That’s not to say that your ex won’t mess with you, or try and “test the waters”, so to speak. If your ex is continuously contacting you, asking you questions, or deliberately introducing drama back into your life, they may be trying to see if you are TRULY over him or her. For instance, if your ex constantly initiates contact with you to stir shit up, then it’s safe to say they may not be over you. They may be trying to provoke a response from you in order to determine how you currently feel about the breakup. But here’s the most important thing to remember: regardless of whether you want to get your ex back or not, the reaction to this behavior should always be the same – and that is to act indifferently. By showing that you don’t care about him or her and the situation, you effectively begin to shift the power from your ex to you. I don’t want to go into minute psychological detail as to why this works, but just know that it does.

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Get To Know About JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ Test

All the essential tasks of a business are done using the networking system. Files are transferred; a lot of transactions are done online. Technology has evolved that much that you may not even need to be physically present in a meeting, as long as you have you internet connection working properly, and the right device, you can be a part of the meeting sitting in your house. To make people’s lives easier, and provide them the best web experience, the whole IT industry has been offering people with a variety of products. Products and solutions to help companies expand, manage their data, protect their systems from virus, spam etc.

However, these product are complex, and cannot be used by everyone most efficiently. Marketing department of a company needs a technician to work with the software used by the company. For this, companies need to know before hiring these technicians that they have the required knowledge of the relevant product, and hence, people who wish to work with the IT products need to be certified. JK0-022 Exam Test Material solves this problem for companies. It offers certification in different fields, so the employers can measure the knowledge of the potential employees with an objective and credible validation. One such certification which the CompTIA offers is JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ test.

Security is a fast growing field in the IT industry. From State departments to common people, everyone wants to browse the web while maintaining their privacy and secure information. JK0-022 CompTIA Test Questions prepares the interested candidates with the fundamentals of security.
However, the test with particular code JK0-022 is only available for the CompTIA Academy Partners only. The test code for non-partners is SY0-401. Other general information about the test is as follows:

* Number of questions: maximum of 90 questions
* Exam type: multiple choice and performance based
* Time allowed in minutes: 90
* Passing score: 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
* Languages: English initially, other languages to follow
* Exam code: SY0-044 (non-partners), JK0-022 (CompTIA Academy Partners)
* Retirement date: SY0-301 and JK0-018 retire December 31, 2014
JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ target audience

Although the JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ test does not have an explicit re-requisite, beginners are not recommended to take the exam. CompTIA recommends, on its official website that people appearing for the JK0-022 Test Questions and Answers must have acquired the Network+ certification, prior to this test.

Furthermore, CompTIA also recommends that applicants must have some initial experience as well. It is ideal for the interested candidates to have a prior experience of a minimum of 2 years in IT administration with a focus on security.

JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ test outline

The course outline is not accessible to everyone. Only the candidates who wish to appear for the exam can request for the JK0-022 Exam objectives, by creating an account and filling up a form.
Although the focus of the JK0-022 Exam will be on Access control, Identity management and cryptography, selection of appropriation mitigation and deterrent techniques, security concerns associated with cloud computing, BYOD and SCADA.

JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ exam preparation

The best way to prepare for the JK0-022 Exam Questions is to take help from the recommended resources by the CompTIA. Although resources like JK0-022 Brain Dumps and JK0-022 Test Questions online can be used as secondary resources, they must not be relied upon complete.

Experts of Examkill offer’s you Updated Preparation Material for JK0-022 Brain Dumps and JK0-020 Real Exam.

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