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What Are Aptitude Tests For?

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by Predi

Centuries back, it was a very simple exercise to hire someone for work. Whether it was a one-off errand or a regular arrangement, it was not so tough to figure out if the job-seeker is suitable for the task or not.

If a farmer wanted a hand with plowing, he simply asked the extra help to show how it’s done. If a carpenter wanted an assistant, he only had to hand over a hammer and ask some nail to be fixed. Almost every category and class of job was easy to test. The skills were tangible: the proficiency clearly visible or clearly absent. Eligibility was a binary equation. One was either fit for a task or not. Aptitude test for jobs were yet to be invented. Experience and reference did not have to be checked in a complicated and meticulous way. People moved in close circles and the radar pretty much ensured that fraud or misinformation was kept at the minimal.

However, as humanity progressed and civilization moved forward, things changed and so did jobs. The steam engine brought a new turning point to this space. Industrial revolution redefined the structure, the skill-ladder and the system of jobs at a new level altogether. Slowly, we moved to new versions of this revolution. Then automotive industry brought about its own ripple-effects into many industries and the territory of jobs.

Industry matured, jobs did too but this also brought in added complexity for people looking for the right hands. With the enormous scale and nuances that the industry was now embracing, it started getting difficult every few years to find the right talent at the right time. To make matters more challenging, computers and telecom brought in more revolutions. And now with the digital revolution at its full power, the market for recruitment and training has become a new beast to reckon with.

It’s not that right talent is not available. Talent has evolved too. Training, development, self-enhancement have paved new paths for the supply side of this market. But to select from a giant pool of ever-increasing resources is now a nightmare. More so, the skills needed to adequately fulfill any job are not so simple or primitive as they were in a peasant era. One cannot simply throw a hammer or a sickle to figure out if the job seeker is worth the job.

That’s why the HR space came up with aptitude tests for making the chore a tad less burdensome. With a well-designed test, a potential recruiter can quickly pick out the kind of talent needed and without any wastage of energy or expense. It saves the applicant’s time and expectation cart as well.

Skills have become difficult to measure and hence tough to enable talent search. The sheer volume and diversity of professionals also adds to the weight on a recruiter’s shoulders.

That’s why career aptitude tests say a lot about what the potential recruiter is looking for and what s/he is expecting out of you. This is not just some course to be conquered. It should be considered an important part of the recruitment process as this is where the recruiter filters out skills and people that are not relevant or adequate.

Preparation, planning and guidance are the cornerstones to be embraced once you realize this understanding. Look at a Career Aptitude Test as the room where you are standing or sitting with a huge number of other competing candidates. The test sets out a quick filter, and with smart preparation and coaching, you can easily get a foot in the door that is half open.

It’s time to move forward.

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