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Test Your Hearing
tests for you
Image by HostingCoupons

tests for you
Image by nick.garrod

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Imagine the Future
all your testing
Image by Viewminder
Imagine ‘becoming’ a digital camera.

Imagine that whatever you looked at… whatever you thought about… whatever you dreamed… whatever you felt…

that an image could be created from that.

A real image.

Stored and transmitted.

Imagine that your eyes are the lenses to that camera.

That your brain is the processor.

And imagine that system working in reverse as well.

Like television…

only ‘feelavision.’

Imagine a reality that’s not too far away.

We are on the edge of knowing so much.

A great paradigm shift is close.

Stars And Sausages
all your testing
Image by Frederic Mancosu

Over 5000 of you have been visiting my stream now! I much appreciate you popping by and hope you keep enjoying it!

Thanks everybody!

It all began on quite exactly 9:30 PM, when a ship reached a dock with about 10 minutes of delay. I boarded said ship, which brought me all the way into the city. The air was calm and warm, a peaceful evening if it wasn’t for that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I ought to have brought an umbrella. I had hesitated to take it and dismissed the idea as idiotic on a day like this one. Granted, it had been a tad gray, but it had not rained a drop since breakfast. And yet, something bugged me, my intuition told me it had been a mistake. It was undoubtedly right, as intuitions tend to be. Its point then, was illustrated rather well by the shattering bouquet of lightning cutting across the sky just as the boat docked in Zurich, about half an hour later.

Floods were pouring from the sky and dashing across the pavement. I had but one choice, and sought the closest bit of cover. As so often in situations of great mishap, this one lead to something that much better. The closest bit of cover turned out to be the Sternengrill. Now let me explain: Traditional places tend to be quite old, for becoming traditional takes time. Therefore, they are mostly built in ways proper to defeat the test of time. When they outlast the buildings they’re in however, you’d guess they’d offer something rather special for people to be nursing them past the trials of the decades. This is exactly what happened to the Sternen-Grill, the place serving the best-known Bratwurst in town. Even Tina Turner has had one. It has been on Bellvue Platz for almost 50 years and is now being demolished. Or is it? Having lost the location, the owners moved it into an RV parked on the square and this made it… well… almost better, not to say legen – wait for it… – dary!

Nice Tests For You photos

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I’ve got my eye on you!
tests for you
Image by peasap
Testing a home made macro kit on a one dollar bill.

I put together a reverse lens macro kit which consisted of:

Canon 28-90 Zoom Lens (From a film Rebel G EOS)
Canon Body Cap
55mm UV Filter

I cut out the center of the body cap, glued the 55mm Filter onto it, then screwed on the lens.

I’d actually just finished gluing the filter to the bodycap. As soon as it was dry, I looked for the first thing at hand to test it out and pulled a dollar bill out of my pocket.

The bill was not flat it was kinda wavy which is why the eye is in focus but the nose is blurred. At full size, you can see the fibers in the bill.

There is no aperture control, only shutter spped and the DOF is minuscule but the macros are extreme!! More pics to follow.

Thanks to my friend Matt for all the help.

Streaking Through Pegasus
tests for you
Image by bbusschots
While out testing my new Nikon D5100 at night I got lucky! There was no meteor shower on, so this was just a random meteor doing it’s thing, right through my field of view!

BTW, the very bright ‘star’ next to the tree is the planet Venus, and you can just make out the Andromeda galaxy as an oval-shaped smudge in the top right corner of the shot.

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test yours
Image by Alba Soler Photography
Do you know what a model test is?
Sabes qué es un test de modelo?


#modeltest #model #modelagency

343.365 left you to wait outside,
test yours
Image by ashley rose,
i hope the air will start to remind you,
to get me out of this place.
i’ll remember your face,
and my words are as timed
as the beating in my chest

that face is of the face of death.
i’m finalllyy through my day of total death.
and i passed my license test (:
and thanks to uhlissah rose,
i didn’t have to worry about my flickr account expiring today – gaah thanksss !

it looks a million times better viewed like THIS

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J-2X Engine Prepares for Testing (NASA, J-2X, SLS, 02/11/13)
all your testing
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
A J-2X engine, right, is being transported to the A-2 Test Stand at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

Image credit: NASA/SSC

View original image/caption:…

More about the J-2X Engine Development:

There’s a Flickr photoset about the J-2X egnine development, if you’d like to know more:

These official NASA photographs are being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photographs. The photographs may not be used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement by NASA. All Images used must be credited. For information on usage rights please visit:…

My Beautiful Girl
all your testing
Image by futurowoman
It’s ‘Roid Week 2011!!!!!!!!!

This is my beautiful whippet girl, Laika. I shot this photo back in February 2011 as a test shot for the Impossible Project. <3

Test shot for the Impossible Project
Using PX-680 ß-1
aka PX 680 Color Shade Beta Test Film
Production Date 3 Feb 2011

Camera: SX-70 Alpha 1, Model 2
No ND filter
Dial set all the way over on the black side

Thank so much for putting this in the Flickr blog!

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A few nice only your test images I found:

Photax double
only your test
Image by thart2009
I seem to take a lot of shots of my sons on the piano. I like the lighting and I can test out these new old cameras. This was an inadvertent double exposure, but all the other shots were just too dark. Guess that’s what happens when you only have two shutter speeds and two aperture settings and not enough light. Fuji Acros 100 in HC110 dilution H, 11 minutes.

D810 Test Shot_ISO200_DSC_4417
only your test
Image by idua_japan
Camera : Nikon D810
Lens : 58mm/F1.4G

「View all size」から、3600万画素のオリジナルデータをダウンロードすることができます。

Please check " View all size " that you can download original 36 megapixels.

この写真は、NikonのD750の発売記念イベント「Nikon Digital Live 2014」のモデル撮影コーナーで、デモのカメラで撮影しました。

This photograph was taken with the camera of the demonstration at the model photography corner of the sale commemoration event of D750 of Nikon "Nikon Digital Live 2014."


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Lighting for Portraits
only your test
Image by Sidious Sid
What is a portrait?

From the very first pictured pictures on wet plates by nineteenth – century photography pioneers to the latest images recorded as digital files on the computer, people have always been the most popular subject for photography. For amateurs, the most common reason for taking out their cameras is to record for posterity, both the individuals who are important to them, and the special moments of their life. In the world of professional photography, portraits represent a significant proportion of commissioned work.

But what do we mean by a “portrait?” One English-language dictionary defines it as a “likeness of an individual, specially of the face.” But while that definition is certainly one with which many would agree, it doesn’t really do justice to the multitude of ways in which people can be portrayed in a picture.

Lighting Matters

If you don’t have much time then sophisticated lighting setups are obviously out. Setting up a single umbrella or a softbox is relatively quick procedure. Once you’ve use it a couple of times and if you maintain the same distance, you may not even need to take a meter reading, since the camera settings will be in mind already. Keeping it simple has another advantage. The result looks clean and contemporary. Style change and picture date. You need only a glance at a picture for hair light, for instance, to see immediately that it’s old-fashioned.

Another reason for simple approach is that one light is also surprisingly versatile, depending on where you place it in relation to the subject, and whether or not you add a reflector to soften the shadow. With two lights you have more control over ratios, but also run the risk of over lighting the subject. Tried and tested setups include one above the camera and one below for “beauty lighting” and either side of the camera at 45 degrees for even coverage. Naturally there will be times when you want to use more than 2 lights, but think carefully about what each light is contributing to the finished picture. If it adds nothing, don’t use it.

Sometimes, though, you don’t need to add any additional lighting at all because the ambient illumination is perfect. Both indoor and outdoor daylight have many moods, and with a bit of help from a poly board, they can give you a quality that’s hard to reproduce artificially.

Making Light Works
understanding, measuring, and using light to create exciting and memorable images

Light is the single most important element in any picture. You try taking a picture without any! And the way you use light that often makes the difference between success and failure. You can have the most attractive or interesting model in the world, get your focus right and exposure perfectly, but if the lighting’s not good you can forget it. However, it’s astonishing how few photographers pay any real attention to light. Even professionals can be so eager to press the shutter release and get the shot in the bag, they don’t really think about how to make the light work for them. Getting to know light, and being able to use it creatively, are essential skills for any photographer. One of the best ways of developing and deepening that understanding is to monitor the many moods of daylight. You might find yourself noticing how beautiful the light is on the shady side of a building , or coming in through a small window, or dappled by a foliage of a tree. The most amazing thing about light is its sheer diversity; sometimes harsh, sometimes soft; sometimes neutral, sometimes pinkish or blue.

More doesn’t mean better

Taking picture is easy when there’s lots of light. You’re free to choose whatever combination of shutter speed and aperture you like without worry about camera shake or subject movement.

But don’t be confuse quantity with quality. He blinding you’ll find outdoor at noon on a sunny day or bursting out of a bare studio head maybe intense, but it’s far from ideal for most kind of photography. More evocative results are generally achieved when light is modified in some ways, with overall levels often much lower.

Controlling the contrast

For some situations and subjects you will want light that is hard and contrasty, with strong, distinct shadows and crisp, sharp highlights. Outdoor when it’s sunny, the shadows are darker and shorter around noon, and softer and longer when it’s earlier and later in the day. Contrasty lighting can result in strong, vivid images. However, the long tonal range you get in such conditions can be difficult to capture either digitally or in film. Care must be taken when shooting in such light so that no important detail is lost in light or dark areas.

The kind of strong contrast treatment is not always appropriate or suitable, however, and for many subjects and situations a light with a more limited tonal range that gives softer result may work better. Where you want to show the maximum amount of detail, or create a mood of lightness and airiness, with minimum of shadows, the soft lighting of an overcast day or a large softbox is unbeatable. The degree of contrast also depends on the direction from which the light is coming in every picture you are using light to reveal something about the subject (texture, forms, shapes, weight, color, or even translucency). So look carefully at what you are going to photograph, and consider what you want to convey about the subject, then start to organize the illumination accordingly.

Here are some of our shots and the lighting setup we did for them

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Test de Rorschach 3 / Rorschach Test 3 (Comment what you see)
test yours
Image by _Hadock_

Bueno ya es Lunes otra vez y aquí seguimos con la comida de tarro de las fotos hechas con el incienso.

En esta combiné distintas fotos cambiando las tonalidades.

Será cosa mía, pero yo en esta veo dos delfines saltando en el agua.

¿Y tú que ves?

Comentalo si te ha gustado y da tu opinión sobre lo que ves.
Algunos derechos reservados // Some rights reserved
**Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons
**Creative Commons Atribución-No Comercial – No Derivs

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French silk pie and blue eyes[Day127]*
tests for you
Image by Chapendra
Gotta love quick photographs when you’ve got a huge test you’ve gotta worry about. I’m really not this messy when I eat but, I decided since it is International Silly Face Week I will try my best to be silly each day even if it is a bad day. We will see. At least this the boyfriend will be happy, he’s been missing my blue eyes, I can imagine.

Calming Water
tests for you
Image by Vexentrix
A good day out taking photos and testing out a variety of neutral density filters. This was taken at Llyn Dinas, Beddgelert, Snowdonia, North Wales, UK.

If you’re interested in the area, this article details a journey around the place:

I’d love it if you could check out my new photography blog, Seeing the Gorilla. Thank you!

Canon A570IS test 2
tests for you
Image by TrombaMarina
Press the "macro" button, point, and shoot. This time I did my usual post-processing in NeatImage and Photoshop. You can see that with a subject 4" away (the closest focusing distance) the lens shades the flash (on the lower-left) but, then I took this at night…