Study Tips 2016! How to Ace Your Tests/Midterms! | itsMariee

Study Tips 2016! How to Ace Your Tests/Midterms! | itsMariee

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Hey guys! 😀 it’s just about midterm season for me! My first one is in two days and I’m seriously not ready and I can already smell my failiures LOL. But anyway, today I’m showing you guys how I study for tests and some tips on aceing your tests!
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If you’re reading this, comment when your midterms start!
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I hope you guys enjoy this video!
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How to Study for a Test

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How is it already that time of year again?! The semester is coming to an end and finals are fast approaching… Are you ready to ace your exams? If you’re worried about pulling in a goose egg instead of an A, never fear! We’ve got a whole episode on study skills to get you through the next month. We’ll help you reduce your test anxiety and show you the best way to cram. Tune in!

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5 Study Tips for Upcoming Tests

If you have a test coming up, you obviously want to get the best score you possibly can. No matter how major your tests may be-for instance, the MCAT-there are some general ways to increase the effectiveness of your study time. Add these five study tips to your arsenal of test preparation tools and you will have a greater chance of scoring that perfect score on all of your tests.

1. Start preparing as soon as you find out you have a test coming up. The best way to do this is to keep up with any required readings, homework assignments, and essays that are related to the testing information. Every time you read the information you are learning something about it, and the sooner you take it in the better. Also, if you find yourself waiting to the last night before the test to study, instead of cramming all the new information in at once, which can almost guarantee failure, you will at least have the notes and information already on hand.

2. Find a study partner or study group. Choose people who are interested in studying rather than students more worried about their social life. Look for studious people from your class who are interested in the course and almost always in attendance.

3. Ask the teacher for any extra information, such as supplemental readings, related videos, or other sources of material, that she has that you can borrow to help you learn the material. For example, if your teacher has a comic book that explains the Theory of Relativity that you can borrow you will be more likely to read and possibly enjoy the material rather than slugging through a boring text.

4. Try different methods of studying to figure out which one works best for you. For example, some people work well with flash cards that contain a main idea or key word on one side and detailed notes on the other. Write down the testing information on a stack of index cards and flash them to yourself while studying. Every time you know the information on a card, set it aside. Go through the cards repeatedly until you can put aside every card because you have mastered the ideas. It is believed that if you read something six times it will become permanent knowledge, and flash cards are a great way to do this with a large block of information.

5. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Eat a good breakfast the day of. Do not try and study while you are in the classroom waiting to take the test-if you don’t already know something, you definitely won’t learn it in the minutes prior to test time. Give your brain a breather before taking the test. Relax and you will be able to focus better.

Gunter Jameson is a writer for, a site that offers a free online resume builder. When he’s not writing, his hobbies are rock climbing and traveling.

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How To Study For Standardized Tests

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